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Traditional Art Classes

Every student can learn to draw, paint, print…to create art and improve his/her skill.  By training students in classical and traditional processes and techniques, we give them confidence and help them believe in their own ability.  Giving them tools to be successful in the Art Studio helps them develop confidence in their ability and helps them be brave and take on challenges in other areas of their lives.

Art Classes in Austin

Studio Classes

Classical studio art-In LWTAS the curriculum is informed by the  Classical Progression.  First , students are immersed in the academic method of drawing. They are taught how to measure the subject in order to render it accurately. Exercises are designed to improve the students drawing skills, with an emphasis on contour, cross contour, proportion and the shape of light and shadow.   Once a student has acquired the requisite drawing skills, they begin to learn the art and science of painting. Painting projects are designed for the first-time painting student. The emphasis is on drawing accuracy, handling the paint, and the careful observation of light and shadow. Students go on to use a limited and the full palette while completing increasingly complex projects.  Color theory is taught at each step.  

The Classical progression is not a quick process.  to get the most out of the program, I hope that each student will stay through the last step of color painting.  Most likely students will not progress to color painting until year two.

Kids Art Classes

Raphael Class(grades 1-3) and Michelangelo Class (grades 4-6)

Both classes are a practical age appropriate and step-by-step curriculum that is used teach the basic principles of line, shapes, shadows and light and perspective through direct observation through demonstration and individual attention. Students are introduced to exciting mediums, techniques and processes including drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics.

Class Information & Registration

Class Schedule

Austin Studio-1604 Robb Lane; Round Rock TX 78664


  • Studio Classes

  • Tuesday: Studio Art (Ages 14 +) 6-8 pm
    Thursday: Studio Art (ages 14+) 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Youth Class

  • Monday: After School Art Class 4:45-5:45pm


LWTAS students must pay a non-refundable registration fee of $60


  • Studio Classes:

  • Ages 14 and above and are sold in packages of 4 for $120.
  • After School Class:

  • $66 per month (for Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, and Apr) (30 classes are $20 each.)

Registration Information

Student Information

Step 1: Fill out Online Registration Form

To register more than one student, please fill out a separate registration form for each student.

​Step 2: Sign Liability Waiver

Sign the LIABILITY WAIVER and send it with your registration payment.

Step 3: Payment

Please pay a $60.00 registration fee, plus August tuition.  Use PayPal friends and family so that no fees are deducted to my phone # 512-971-2921 or mail the payment to me at:
Lea Klingspor *1604 Robb Lane* *Round Rock*Texas*78664

  • ​Summer Elementary Class – $86 (tuition and registration fee)
  • After School Class (Mon. 4:30-5:45 pm – $126 (tuition and registration fee)
  • ​Adult Classes – $180 (tuition and registration fee)

   *10% tuition discount  for additional family members

Art Class student


Thank you for sacrificing your time and
Your spring break to help lead our European
Adventure. You were the difference on
The trip and you are definitely the
Difference in Noel’s artistic confidence!

…your words are always so life giving! just the simple “your projects are going to be beautiful”. uplifted my spirit and served as an example to ALWAYS strive for….
thank you~

Thank you for bringing the best out in Zach. I know that he has really enjoyed your class and we have been amazed at what Zach has created this year. Just yesterday he brought home his self- portrait, church drawing, and two bunnies print. All treasures, as are you.

Lea Whatley Art


​1604 Robb Lane
Round Rock, Texas 78664


"A modern approach to Timeless Traditions in Art"